About the General - INE Community Forums Category

General questions and comments about INE, the INE Platform or the Community Forums go here. The rest has been organized to exactly match my.ine.com for intuitive navigation. The “Documentation” board is for INE produced Troubleshooting Guides and "How-to"s.

Therefore, questions about our main training categories and how they affect your career or organization should go in their respective parent categories. More specific questions about the content in the Learning Paths and the courses they contain should be posed in the appropriate child category.

Access is broken down in the following ways:

  • Premium Subscribers and Corporate Members have unfettered access to everything in the INE Community Forums.
  • Monthly and Annual Subscribers have access to everything but areas dedicated to Boot Camps and Special Events.
  • Starter Pass students can “see” everything but can only contribute to parent boards for general conversations and child boards associated with Learning Paths included in the Starter Pass. For your convenience, we’ve added “(SP)” to those category titles.
  • The public can “see” everything but can’t contribute.

Please do not use the INE Community Forums for support issues such as labs being down, account issues, exam troubles, etc. That’s why we have support@ine.com. :slight_smile: The Customer Success Team addresses support tickets from the official queue generated via email. Creating official tickets is also the best way for us to track problems as well as the volume of related issues. Please help us be more efficient.

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