About the Getting Started in Networking (SP) category

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Networking is the core of all IT processes and has been our focus here at INE for over 15 years. Perfect for those just getting started in networking, this learning path will let you experience our networking content firsthand to give you a taste of what our training is like.

This category is dedicated to students undertaking the “Getting Started in Networking” Learning Path for foundational knowledge in prep for more advanced content.

  • Use this board to discuss the courses that comprise this Learning Path and the lessons they contain.

  • For other Networking Learning Paths such as CCNP Service Provider, CCNP Data Center, PAN Firewall, CCIE Security et al, please post in those specific child categories.

  • Ask for help, offer help to those who need it, interact with INE instructors and more. We always recommend trying to figure things out using the provided material, but everyone gets stuck now and then. We got your back!

  • AVOID - Please do not use this category for support issues such as labs being down, account issues, etc. That’s why we have support@ine.com. :slight_smile: Any questions on certification exam content will be flagged. Continued abuse of either of these could result in limited permissions or bans.