AD lab1

can I get some help here? I’m trying to do PTx Lab 1, and I’m totally lost, after spawning the lab via the browser, what’s next?

I feel your pain man. I am lost too. Can you help me out here?

@quadrimohammedb-772a I have totally abandoned those courses; none of the AD labs is working. They are totally a waste of my time and money. I have opted to get another AD course elsewhere. Nothing has been done after sending multiple emails to the one support team.

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This sucks man. You got your money back or did you ask them to give the money back?

No bro, still waiting to see, if something will change.

At this point, it is a scam. You get the same for much lover price. even the cheapest part can have non working lab

Generally, INE has great content albeit by buying up smaller companies. Up until last year before this browser based lab BS, the openvpn labs were fantastic! Unfortunately, they no longer allow that and now I end up filing a report every time I attempt at trying one of the AD labs. It’s just horrible that they aren’t doing anything to fix it. The main reason I bought my INE sub was to use those labs.