Adding Entry into resolv.conf File


Hi! I’m just starting WAPT after completing PTS/eJPT.

I’m having issues accessing web applications at when using Linux. I’m connected to the VPN, but when I click on the above URL… crickets. On Windows I am able to access the URL and the embedded web applications.

I think my main issue is adding an entry into /etc/resolv.conf file with the IP address of the server as per the instructions to the labs.

Please help!

Are you facing error after adding the name-server entry in the resolv.conf file? Make the dns entry as primary and try to resolve the URL using nslookup.
Also if you are having the IP address of the URL, add it in the hosts file. (etc/hosts)

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Hey, thanks for your response!

I worked it out in the end :grinning:

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Hey, thank you for responding. I finally worked it out :slight_smile: