Any way to continue using OpenVPN?

i noticed today that all the labs are exclusively the new cloud labs that have been in beta for a while. i have my own VM thats personalized to me and im currently reviewing to take the new exam. this change really threw me off. will the exams also be cloud based? is it possible to revert back to the old format? the cloud labs already crashed on me a few times and are incredibly frustrating to use.

I prefer using my own VM and connecting through a VPN instead of a in-browser instance, which has none of my personalization and tools. Please allow the option to connect via VPN for those of us that prefer it.

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From INE’s mail,

Future iterations of eCPPT and eWPT exams will rely on INE’s significant investment in browser-based lab technology. We are thrilled to share that when updated browser-based environment exams are released, they will be auto-graded, so there will be no more long and frustrating wait times