Appreciation + eJPTv2 query

Firstly I wanted to just let @AlexisA know that you’re an amazing teacher mate, I signed up to premium+ purely on how well you communicate and teach. Thanks for all your work, every time I see a course with you I know its going to be good. I am 40% through my eJPTv2 course and loving it. I started a week ago and excited to get stuck into the rest.

I wanted to inquire,

  1. I have a very foundational baseline knowledge of cyber security in general(my main career 10 yrs is a police officer in Australia and looking to get into pentesting within 12 months for a career change.), I am writing many notes on the eJPTv2 course + doing all the labs/attackdefence/htb etc. I plan on taking the eJPTv2 in about 1-2months after I complete the course and maybe 20-30 boxes on AttackDefence. Is this sufficent time? bearing in mind that I would have a good general understanding of everything taught in the course? Or should i dedicate more time in other areas/courses? I am not sure if 0 to eJPTv2 certified in 2-3 months is realistic, however I feel the course is designed to do exactly that?

  2. Is there a specific syllabus for the eJPTv2? I understand its 48 hours, 35 questions but does it specify specific topics or do I assume (which I currently am) that the exam will cover the entire eJPTv2 course? When i revise before the exam I am hoping to be specific.

Thanks again to the team, I appreciate the “realistic” approach to pentesting, this is my main goal (to actually learn how to do the jobs, not just aquire certificates)