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Hello, I am unable to get a copy of Windows XP. Is it possible to take the exam on a Windows 10 system? I’m wondering if the sample binary used for Phase 2 of the exam will run on Windows 10?

During the training I only had an issue with the multi threaded sample (Module 15) and only one of the packed samples (Module 14) running on my Windows 10 system.

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I’d go with Windows XP, the training has been based on that… But i guess it’s fully doable on W10 although you might face some issues etc, which in the exam i’d try to avoid.

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Thank you for the info boris!

I just finished my exam on 2020-02-23, not sure if I passed however I was able to run the binary on a Windows 10 system. I would also like to point out that during the training there was one packed binary and the multi threaded binary’s were the only ones that wouldn’t run on my system. However, that shouldn’t stop you from reversing ;). I was able to do some static analysis for those to at least find the functions required to understand the lesson. Further, I did have an issue with the File Manipulation section in that it was reading a file from a directory without proper rights. So I was able to patch that to get the binary to run successfully. I learned a ton from this training and I was able to complete this all on Windows 10.

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Nice one dude !! Really hope you’ve passed it !!!

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