BGP into OSPF and OSPF in BGP = mutual redistribution


How do mutual redistritution between BGP and OSPF, if in :

For example,

route-map RM permit 10

set tag 777


router bgp 65001

redistribute ospf 1 route-map RM ( Notice: % “RM” used as redistribute ospf into bgp route-map, set tag not supported )

for example, mutual redistribution between BGP and EIGRP is OK.

Hey RNS,

That’s because BGP doesn’t have tags. Those are used in IGPs to give you something that can be targeted by other routers. BGP expanded the use of tags and calls them communities. If you redistribute from BGP into an IGP like OSPF or EIGRP you can set a tag in to those environments, but when redistributing into BGP you’ll need to set a community.

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Thank u, friend. I got it.