Black box 2 proxychains step

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Hi there!
I’ve gone through the 2nd black box lab and keep getting hung up after converting the reverse shell to a meterpreter, adding the route to the second victim/network, and setting up proxychains server.
Whenever I run the nmap through proxychains, I always get back a set of open ports that doesn’t include port 8080 and that doesn’t have Jenkins on it. I’ve done it multiple times through, resetting the lab etc just in case that helps.
What mistake am I making, or is there something with the lab?

80/tcp. open http
5000/tcp. Open upnp
8000 tcp. Http-alt

I know this looks suspiciously like the initial pivot machine, but they are different IP’s.

Would love some help, please!


In the INE lab they change the /24 digit by one. It is not noted in the text and so one doesn’t notice it at first. This changes the target from the pivot machine to another one on that second internal network