Blue Team Dilemma

So, I decided to start with the Network Defense Professional curriculum. The first thing I notice is the slides are dated 2014. Also, the first tool introduced is Secunia PSI which was discontinued in 2018. I am wondering if there is any value to pursuing this training? I assume the certification itself hasn’t been updated since 2014 either? Is there a course on the blue team side of things that is relatively up to date that I should start with instead?

Heh, it looks like I just chose badly. All of the other defensive courses seem to be up to date except Web Defense Professional which is from 2013.

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Really liking the material in the Threat Hunting Professional course. Might dive into that soon.

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It is a fact that some of the course content really requires an update. Multiple users has mentioned this in various other forums as well. Hope INE is working on this. Btw, share your experience with the course as well. Best wishes @DarrenHobbs

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As far as I know, the PWD is still useful in the field (it’s a huge course). The THP, IHRP and DFP are some good courses about the blue team but since I have never done any blue team courses.
Probably I would do the THP or DFP :smiley:
Does anyone have some thoughts about THP or DFP? :thinking:

~Z3r0n37 :raccoon:

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:raccoon: Having eyes on IHRP, nevertheless if you need a study buddy, i will join.

mhh, I was thinking more about THP or DFP… let’s see! I still have to do the eCPTXv2 and then, maybe, WAPTXv2 :smiley:

U can try to do THP and later DFP that route of learning would be ideal I guess.

I just noticed a thing. Go to any learning path, you can see INE’s recommendation for the next path.
Example, After completing the Network Defense Professional learning path, the next recommended path is Incident Handling & Response Professional

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Cool! Never noticed this feature! :hushed:

We are aware and are working towards updates and new releases. No worries, we take your feedback to heart. Thanks.