Burp Suite lab, cant download the old version to spidering a target!

Burp Suite lab, I can’t download the old version to spider a target, and if OWASP ZAP is another solution, what steps should I take to complete this lab? any ideas for spidering the target


Yes Burpsuite community edition no longer supports spidering feature. I used ZAP on Kali for this.

Make sure you have updated the software and when you have done so, make sure to direct firefox HTTP proxy to localhost. You set the IP to and set the port to 8080. You’ll find it in the browser’s preferences on network settings. Also make sure it is set in ZAP to do the same. Watch the video below:

I used a traditional crawl on the target and then looked for the relevant file. Follow the solutions (in the lab) to guide you. Just apply the same method they show you with burp suite and apply it to ZAP. You’ll figure it out.

Hope that helps!

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You can download version 1.7.33 here: Professional / Community 1.7.33 | Releases

It contains the spider functionality in the community version.