Can no longer find courses for INE instructor Travis Bonfigli

Hi All

I have recently noticed that a lot of the courses from INE instructor Travis Bonfigli are currently no longer available.

Currently the only two courses I can find from Travis are:

Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers


Shell Scripting Fundamentals for Network Engineers

Does anyone know why the rest of Travis’s courses are currently not available? And will they be made available again at some future point?

I’d certainly be disappointed if Travis’s courses have been permanently removed – as he has produced some quality courses, many of which I haven’t had a chance to study yet.

I note as well that I have just raised a support ticket with INE in which I have made the same query as above, but I thought it worth posting it on the forum as well just to see if anyone knows what’s going on.

i also noticed that issus . maybe there is a problem in the website and they`re currently fix it

This is not only for Travis courses but also courses from some other various instructors that I was planning to go over