CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Home LAB Setup


Is There Any Way To Setup LABS @ Home For Practicing Cisco Courses By Using Virl Or Any Other Simulator???

I’ll Enjoy The Networking Courses If I Am Doing Practical Side By Side While Listening A Lecture Video.


If this helps,

These online labs are free, or you can upload yaml templates to create your own network and do hands-on.

Like Other Courses Cyber Security, Cloud, Incident Response etc. There Are Labs For Practise.

I Knew About Cisco DevNet Before… The Thing Is That Our Instructor @ INE Should Provide Us The Templates /Topology Related To The Lab In Order To Perform The Steps While Listening Videos.

It Would Be Very Helpful.

check the Rack Rentals. Seems like an add-on service.
However, I can see only Collab v2 there dated 2019. Not sure if this is active. You may write to the support

I knew about as well which is not cost effective solution for students.

I meant to say that THE GUIDANCE OR SOLUTION ABOUT THE LAB (s) should come directly from the instructor of the course.

Packet Tracer

Cisco DevNet