Cisco SD-WAN App-QoE with Service Cluster

Hello All,

Taking a shot in the dark here hoping someone may have some experience with App-QoE with Clusters (Service controllers and external service nodes).

Trying to get a App-QoE service cluster up and working and getting little from TAC. So far the only thing that has been found is that the official documentation was missing at least one key part, but that still did not get the cluster working properly with App-QoE. The short is:

  • Service controllers are not forwarding traffic to the service nodes for acceleration as they should be.
  • TAC relayed that there is missing information in the config guide - you must use a VPN only dedicated to the cluster on the service controllers.
  • All other configurations have been repeatedly verified against the config guide as being correct.
  • All equipment is correct for the service controllers and nodes.
  • Cluster is forming correctly.
  • Traffic is hitting the policy properly, just not getting redirected from the controllers to the service nodes.

Hoping someone may have run into a similar issue or found some missing configuration from the Cisco guide that was needed to get a App-QoE cluster working. As I said I know it’s a longshot, but figured I’d ask.