Client-side Exploitation Lab: proxychains fails

Hello everyone

I’m currently trying to solve Lab 12 Client - Side Exploitation.
However I’m stuck in task 4: Verify the server version.

When I run

proxychains nmap -sTV -n -PN -p 21

I get the following result:

As you see the ftp port seems to be closed when it should be open. The following line makes me think there’s something wrong with my proxychains configuration:

[proxychains] Strict chain  ...  ... <--denied 

How can I fix this?

I’m using auxiliary/server/socks_proxy instead of the socks4a mentioned in the lab, because the latter one seems to be deprecated.

I also changed the proxychains.conf as indicated in the lab:
socks4 1080

This to run this.

use auxiliary/server/socks_proxy
set VERSION 4a

sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf
socks4 1080

sudo proxychains nmap -sT -Pn -p21


Thank you, this worked :blue_heart:

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