Configuration file from equipments

Nice day

Please, is It possible to obtain configuration performed during network course classes? Sometimes, Professor has previous scenario who He configured, BGP, OSPF, VPNV2 and I face difficulties or some point during course who I cant understand so If was avaiable notepad which I may follow, It Would be great. I cant find on forum.


Hello Ricardo,
Can you please let us know the title of the course (or Bootcamp) that you’re referring to?
Thank you!

All networking courses. CCNA, CCNP, etc

Hello again Ricardo,
Well…unfortunately you’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of courses. The vast majority of courses that have been created within the past 4-5 years have .zip files associated with them called, “Course Files” (you should see the link for that above the “Course Progress” bar in the upper-right section of any course page). If any configuration files or other files were necessary for the course they would have been added to that .zip file for you to download.

If you’re referring to a course that was created quite some time ago, there is a chance that course was not created with any attached “Course Files” to offer. In that case, you can attempt to reach out via LinkedIn, Twitter or email to the course instructor and ask him/her if the files you are requesting are available. However, if it was a course that was created many years ago, chances are any associated text files or other configuration files are long gone.

Lastly, in some rare situations, some of our videos were created as a result of recording live, “bootcamp-style” events. In those courses, sometimes configuration files and other files were provided to the live audience who attended that event as a benefit of their subscription level but perhaps were not distributed to future, on-demand viewers of that course.

I hope this helped!

Hi Kevin

Course are mostly boot camps. If They weren’t on course page so Are They available? Correct?

I am doing currently Configure & Troubleshooting L2VPN / Carrier Ethernet

Normally files avaiables are pdf extension which has same slides which were show during course.


Hi Ricardo,
I didn’t create that particular bootcamp, “L2VPN/ Carrier Ethernet” so you’d have to reach out to the instructor who created that class. As for my bootcamps, I believe all of the ones I’ve created in the last several years have the PowerPoint slides available as a PDF as well as any Lab topology diagrams and possibly configuration files all zipped and available within the “Course File” link I mentioned earlier. If you find that any of my courses do not contain these files please let me know (and provide the course name) and I’ll do my absolute best to locate what you need.
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