Copy from Google to Paste inside INE Lab Kali VM

Since, INE started browser based Lab option where we get Kali VM in a browser. In this new arrangement, I am unable to copy any text, command from google to INE-Lab-Kali-VM. Similarly,
I can not transfer a file from INE-Lab-Kali-VM to my local machine?
I can not copy text from INE-Lab-Kali-VM to my local machine?
I can not transfer a file from my local machine to INE-Lab-Kali-VM?
I can not open any website including google inside INE-Lab-Kali-VM?
I can not download any updates or a tool from GitHub to INE-Lab-Kali-VM?

Kindly help, this is affecting my practice and preparation for exams. I need a must help in copy and paste function.

The very basic guide given inside the Lab about Copy and Paste tells: use C+S+ALT to open and close Copy-Paste Panel, but this is just copying and pasting from and within the INE-Lab-Kali-VM. There is no way to copy anything from outside to INE-Lab-Kali-VM.


This was one of my problems with browser based labs as well and I still prefer my own machine connecting to the LAB with VPN…

I thought it was CTRL + SHIFT + S to open a panel where you can paste it from outside or copy it… Not sure because I don’t have a lab running now to check

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Today I started a new lab, and I tried it. It was CTRL + SHIFT + ALT…

Matter fixed to the extent that Text can be copied from the INE to outside and vice versa.

But any file or folder can not be copied from outside to INE Lab Kali VM or from Lab VM to outside local machine.

Neither an application could be installed which you prefer to use. That’s the main CON for me using this concept. The PRO is that INE does not have to support/debug tools which are not provided by their webbased machine