Data Exfiltration Result

Hello everyone.
I am drene. I was practicing the Data exfiltration in the lab, but then the decloakify file i got was empty, but before then I noticed when I ran packetwhisper on the remote desktop machine, I didn’t get any DNS query on the wireshark, and Yes i was running on tap0.

Please help, what am I doing wrong. oh and I am new to the community, Nice meeting you all.

can you provide the commands you executed?

By commands? which do you mean? well

for for the packet whisper I ran python on the remote desktop to run the packet whisper, after which i followed the prompt (my wireshark was on already and i was listening on tap0) . As in the tutorial.

UPDATE: I got it fixed, It seems I didn’t input the preferred DNS

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Mark the issue resolved, then, please.