Dev C++ IDE for Linux

I am going through the Penetration Testing Student learning path. The c++ section of this course wants you to use Dev C++ IDE which is a windows program. I don’t have any windows machines and I didn’t feel like creating a windows VM. I want to keep all notes and files created during the course in one place. I looked at using alternatives such as Clion but I am not sure if I would run into any issues going through the C++ section. Since I am not very familiar with C++ I decided to figure out a way to use the recommend IDE.

Here is what I did to install Dev C++ IDE
I am currently runnin:

❯ cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Kali GNU/Linux Rolling"
NAME="Kali GNU/Linux"


  1. Download the latest Portable version and decompress it:
  2. mv Dev-Cpp\ 5.11\ TDM-GCC\ x64\ 4.9.2\ Portable.7z Dev-CppPoartable.7
  3. 7z e Dev-CppPoartable.7z
  4. cd Dev-CppPortable
  5. wine devcpp.exe
    I pretty much kept everything default Except the font. I am using “Hack”. You can change the font later by going to Tools > Editor Options > Fonts
  6. create my hello world program and it worked. You can run the exe at anytime by dong:
❯ wine helloWorld.exe
Hello World!

Not sure if the a good practice or not but I thought I would share.

I can say for the at least first half you don’t need an IDE. vim/subline work well and you just create .cpp and use g++ to compile it.

You can always put Visual Studio Code on Linux instead, and use a compiler as you’re already doing.


Has anyone had any luck with this? I attempted @Sauce instructions above and @TheMayor as well.

I have downloaded devcpp from sourceforge and it is on my computer. I cannot seem to run/execute Devcpp through wine. It will not download correctly. I have also reached out and attempted install of Visual Studio Code utilizing the format provided at , but apt-key is deprecated.

I am requesting assistance while I continue to search for ways to download.

Try this Running Visual Studio Code on Linux

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Hey Steven, I am happy to help you get Dev++ running on your linux box. Having said that you really don’t need it to complete the course. You can use g++ which is native to linux. The last thing I want to mentioned is that to complete the lab you will need use windows machine/VM{the lab machine they provide is fine} because you need Windows Libs.

My suggest is us g++ to learn the lang and then just use the lab machine for lab which is windows and it already has Dev++ installed on it.

Visual code is a great IDE and learning how to use that has a lot of benefits but it wont help with to provide the necessary windows libs needed for the lab. I was just trying to write the program locally before starting the lab. Ends up I had to use the lab machine.
Hope this helps

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Thank you so much for your assistance with this. You have no idea how much I was wracking my brain trying to get things to work :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I really appreciate it again.

Thank you I will take a look at this!