Do i have to complete all beta labs before starting blackbox labs in PTS?

I have been preparing for eJPT cert with PTS course in INE. I’ve just completed Metasploit lab which is the last of the labs exclusive to a topic. After this i have 3 blackbox testing labs and then i’ve planned on giving the cert this weekend. I recently started noticing beta versions of the labs being released in the course. Do i have to go through these beta labs to have better learning in completing this cert?

@sathyanarayanan-64b7, these are new updates to the course I believe, In my case, I’d review them just to check the differences and if they are showing any new ways.

None of these are mandatory if you already have the knowledge and you grasp all the topics.

I wish you the best for your exam.

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The - Remastered BETA labs are the same labs in the new environment.

There are some new information in other Remastered lab.

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