eCPPT failed on first attempt

Hello Community,
I have failed on my first attempt during eCPPT exam because i did not provided some screenshots for exact methodology. I have waited about 24 days for results. If i fix my issue and send it again, how many days it will take to get answer PASSED or NOT ?

Between July and September 2022 I completed the eJPT, eCPPT and eWPT. At these time, it took an average of 2.75 days to get the results.

I did a first attempt on eCPTX in August this year and it took 12 days to get the fail verdict. Im confident its only a reporting issue as I have rooted the DC from every angles. So reworked on report and resubmitted. It`s been 12 days and I dont have the result.

My guess: all the certifications that are phasing out at the same time pushed a lot of people (like me) to do their certif exam in August/September (before end date of 1st Oct.). Probably, the management at INE did not increase the number of employees to satisfy the increased demand thus wait time are longer. Maybe some ressources are used to create the new courses/exams to replace the old one so lot of contention and the customers are waiting. It`s not the examiners and customer service fault, please dont lash out on them.