eCPPTv2 exam

On INE what course to take if you need to pass this eCPPTv2 certificate?

You have to take the Penetration Testing Professional learning path. Link

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All these 66 hours ?

Yes, as per ELS’s course description. But It includes 1 section , 7 courses , 83 videos, 30 labs, 118 slides.
Depends on your learning pace, it could vary. IMO, if having some basic concepts, some of the topics, can be fast forwarded.

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Thank you! good to know

It actually depends on the concepts and experience you are familiar with.
If u are a newbie, I would suggest you to go from PTS (Penetration Testing Student) learning path for eJPT exam – and later for PTP(Penetration Testing Professional) learning path for eCPPTV2 exam.
PTS (eJPT exam) → PTP (eCPPT exam).

But if you have previous penetration testing experience and looking for eCPPTV2 exam directly then u can go for PTP(Penetration Testing Professional) learning path.

Most of the certifications have their respective learning paths in portal