Ecptx - machine for study and exam

I’m currently studying for ecptx. I need a suggestion regarding the machine to use during the course and more specifically for the exam.
I was planning to buy an m1 macbook, so are there any limitations in terms of compatibility or possibilities in the study? For example, since it have an arm-like architecture, are there any limitations regarding tools, os to use in a vm for testing something ecc? For example, during eccpt exam I needed a win7 vm to test BO, with m1 would be impossible due to the architecture…
And so, are there any possible criticalities during the exam using a macbook with m1?


From what i heard from other people who has done eCPTX, Buffer OverFlow was not asked in the exam. However, BoF is part of the eCPPT exam.
I saw a similar query on reddit
Also, there is an unofficial discord channel which could be very helpful with your preparation. You may put your query there and someone might already done the exam with Mac Unofficial INE/eLearnSecurity Server

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Thank you so much Jaa. I will also try to post on the Discord channel.

Have a nice day!