eCRE free retake?

I’m planning to take eCRE soon, I have one question on my mind. If unfortunately, I’m unable to clear the MCQ’s part will I get another retake or I have to clear the MCQ’s part in order to be eligible for the next retake(just in case my practical didn’t go well).

From the eLearnSecurity Site:

The eCRE is a two-part certification. The first part consists of a theoretical multiple choice quiz, you will have 90 minutes to take it and it requires an 84% or above to pass. Please note that if you do not pass the first part, or submit your quiz on time, you will not be able to the second stage and will lose your voucher with no free retakes. Additionally, the first part of the eCRE counts as 30% of the total grade.

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Okay, thanks. Well, that’s bad I’m going good on the practical part but there is just too much theory which is quite scary as the passing criteria is 84%.

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In the eCRE exam, You need at least 38 points (84%) to pass the Stage 1. Failing to pass Stage 1 will determine the loss of the voucher .
Should you fail the first attempt of Stage 2, you will be notified via email and will be entitled for a free retake.
To Learn More About The Exam Process: Process - eCRE certification - eLearnSecurity Certified Reverse Engineer - eLearnSecurity


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