eJPT v2 and Fundamentals Annual Membership

Hi everyone,
I was wondering, on the INE website in the prices section it says that if you take the “Fundamentals Annual” version you can have all these things for 1 year:

Access to INE’s Introductory Learning Paths including Pentester Student, CCNA, and Cloud Foundations.
Github and Azure projects for intro courses
Hands-on labs
Free eJPT and ICCA voucher

Now, I was wondering, in the first point of talking about Learning paths, but I didn’t quite understand if it includes all the Learning Paths or just some. That is, when we talk about “Introductory Learning Paths”, what exactly are we referring to? Also I was wondering, we are talking about “Free eJPT and ICCA voucher” so, by taking this subscription you can take these two exams for free. But, will it also apply to eJPT v2? Or is it only valid for the current eJPT?
Because I am waiting for eJPTv2 to be released to do that and I would not like to have the voucher of an older certification.

Ty everyone :slight_smile: