eJPTv2 exam voucher

Hello people,

I have subscribed in Fundamental plan and it should include the eJPTv2 exam voucher,
Could any one advise where i can find my exam voucher ?

Many thanks in advance

Check your INE email. It might have been sent there. You can use the voucher when you purchase eJPT exam on eLearnSecurity website.

If you can’t find the voucher on your email, I suggest you contact INE support.

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Thank you for your reply, i found the voucher on my mail box , however do you know the validity of it ?

I assume that there is no expiration date for the voucher unless it’s stated in the email.

It’ll be best to get a confirmation from INE support.

Yes, there is an expiration date. You can check your voucher details in your my.ine profile since the eJPTv2 is an exam you take in the my.ine site. Your profile


Hi, I have the same problem reaching a conclusion on whether to buy the fundamental learning path or not. My question is: The fundamental learning path is 1 year subscription. How long will it then take the voucher to expire if I have not taken all my courses?