eLearnSecurity community vs INE community forum

Now there are two community forums.

  1. eLearnSecurity community forum : https://community.elearnsecurity.com/
  2. INE community forum

How they are different to each other?
Is this new INE community a replacement for the ELS community forum? @Don @moderators

As you know, we split eLS into 2 last year. The course content was migrated to the INE Platform and eLS remains as a certification body only. When that happened, we gave people the choice to move to INE. However, all new students interested in the eLS content could only get it on the INE Platform. So the only people left in the old eLS Forums were legacy students (there are some exceptions but those are dwindling). These forums are for everyone who migrated and started as new CyberSec students, however we have greatly expanded it to also include the other topic areas of Networking, Cloud and Data Science. Eventually as others migrate over and we greatly expand the number of students joining all of us at INE, the old eLS forums will eventually lose contributions and fade in relevancy.

So…this is the place to be now and into the future!

You’ll have access to a much larger community of students as well as many more instructors poking their heads in to say hello and help guide your careers towards being experts.

PS - We did pull over some old posts to get the ball rolling, but many were very old or based on older versions of courses. Please feel free to recommend any posts from the old eLS forums that you feel would still be a benefit to our students here, and we’d be happy to include them.

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