eLearnSecurity Reporting Guide returns a 403 forbidden and a 404 not found

Hi all,

I just started the eWPT course. In the beginning there is a topic about the penetration testing prceoss, in paragraph 1.3.3 Report templates and guides they mention a eLearn Security Reporting Guide. I’ve tried to open the URL which returns the statuscode 403 (forbidden).

This is probably because of the old structure (time before INE bought eLearnSecurity), does anyone have found the information which is shared over there?

This should it be according the slides:

eLearnSecurity Reporting Guide (eLearnSecurity | Sign In)

There is another URL below in the slides: eLearnSecurity | Sign In this results in a 404 page (not found)

I noticed another document which is not there:

Threat classification: eLearnSecurity | Sign In

@INE moderators/ Instructors, please fix this.
As well that OSVDB was discontinued since 2016…
Reason which can be found on Wikipedia: “As companies continued to use OSVDB information for their commercial services, the service was discontinued in 2016”

The below two links might help
eLearnSecurity Resources [Syllabus,Report Templates, Useful links]
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