ELS courses are awesome but need some maintenance/patch

First of all, i am really impressed with the course content. However there are few things that should be addressed by INE. I was going though the PTP course and below are my observations.

  1. Broken Links. Some of the links in the slides points to elearnsecurity website but those pages doesn’t exist anymore.

  2. Some metasploit methods mentioned in the course are obsolete. For example autoroute. latest metasploit versions doesn’t support msf scripts and instead of using autoroute script, we should use modules. However, usage of autoroute script is mentioned throughout the course.

Nevertheless, i found the course and labs invaluable. Rather than the CTF attitude, the way it explains the topics such as post exploitation is really interesting and fun to learn.

True that, although autoroute still works but Metasploit expect us to run “/post” payload i guess. and Metasploit will remove it completely in future
Even certain tools needs updating as in explanation they are very old. One such example is latest version of Burp suite, we cant perform spidering in community edition.

But they did say in redefine many courses will be updated very soon, i guess PTP is first in list. And we will see new courses also soon. Just a matter of time i believe

The PTS course will be updated soon, as mentioned during the RedefINE event.

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nice. btw i was referring PTP. I hope there will be some update on that as well. Staying relevant and up-to-date is something Cybersec domain demands.

I am sorry
They said they would update course content at the redefINE.
@SecITguy @neal.bridges-f8701ed

Every course that carried over from eLS needs updating, not just PTP. I/we have been waiting for months for a single course to be updated and it hasn’t.

Don’t hold your breath.

Welcome to INE.

I understand your frustration and while I can’t talk specifics, know this is a priority for everyone involved in cybersecurity.