Endianness understanding issue

Hello Community people,

I am currently studying for my eCPPTv2 and I came across the 2 types of Endianness and I cannot understand the difference due to the confusion caused by the slide explanation, as understanding the topic is important for further topics.

I understood that Big-endian stores the MSB at the lowest address and LSB at the Highest address and the other way around for the Little endian, as explained in “Architecture Fundamentals - Study Guide” Slide page 80 & 81. However, on the same slide, on page 82, where it explains the example of storing “0B” byte using the little-endian and it says that it will be stored on the left “MSB” where it should be on the LSB.
Also, on “Understanding Buffer Overflows - Study Guide” page 42, it explains how Windows uses little-endian to store ABCD that equal to “0x44434241” in hex, as I understood that that LSB should be stored at Lowest address and MSB stored on Highest address i.e. 0x41424344.

Please can anyone explain this for me!

Thank you in advance.