Eve_archived.json file

I cannot interact with the eve_archived.json file. It is in the directory:

But when I run the command ‘less eve_archived.json’ I get nothing but a blank screen:


I can access the eve.json file:


Any ideas?


I’m unable to run the subsequent commands as well:

cat eve_archived.json | jq -c 'select(.event_type == "alert")'

cat eve_archived.json | jq -c 'select(.event_type == "tls")'

I am using a Windows 10 machine and Putty. Do I need to install EveBox and jq for this to work?

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Please always mention the exact lab when posting.

You need to install nothing.

A new file with a similar name has been created by the system.

The filename is now eve_archived.json.1

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