eWPT Exam Session files are zero bytes

I"m wrapping up the exam and just need to complete the ‘necessary but insufficient condition’. I’ve accessed the sessions on the web server but all the sess files are zero bytes. Can someone check to see if there is an issue with the exam environment? Is there a forum for people taking the exam? Thanks, all! Great test!

Issue was resolved. But there are several ways to successfully accomplish that particular goal. Passed the exam - Woop! Good luck to you all. Great exam.

Hey sk1pppy, any reviews or tips for the exam? still contemplating if I should go for it.

The exam is a series of puzzles that track with the course material and labs. One finding allows you to find another which allows you to find another and so on, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a bunch of things popping out immediately. It’s very close to real world pentesting in that regard. If you made it through the course material and labs, you will do fine. Good luck!