eWPT Introduction Lab

I have an issue with the Introduction Lab of the eWPT path. I contacted 'support@ine.com but their solutions didn’t work.

I noticed that the line before the ‘Initialization Sequence Completed’, I am supposed to see ‘broacast + [IP]’ (after tap0). I don’t know why it’s not here.

When I click on the link for the lab environment at http://info.introduction.site/ I am redirected to a Chinese site.

'support@ine.com told me:
First, could you please add ‘nameserver <DNS_SERVER_LAB_IP> as the first entry in the file /ect/resolv.conf
/etc/resolv.conf file changes can be lost due to a connection drop, please double check if it’s the still the same.
Secondly, if the above doesn’t work, flush DNS Cache from your browser. If using Firefox, type “about:networking#dns” then Clear DNS Cache. If using Chrome, type “chrome://net-internals/#dns” then Clear Host Cache
Finally, please set the DNS to

I have Kali Linux on Debian, and I have Firefox. I followed these instructions but I didn’t change anything. If somebody know what my problem is, I would be very grateful!

If you don’t configure things properly, you won’t be able to hit the websites in the labs.

you have to set the dns in /etc/resolv.conf to

so nameserver

Yes I already did that

hmm weird, can you show me a screenshot of your /etc/resolv.conf

Hey maybe you can give this a try, let me know if it works, also remove that blank line on line 5

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