Exam feedback

I have did the eWPT, I failed the first and the second time, for my second retake I hoped to have some significant hints has the examiner does usually,

unfortunately my feedback wasn’t really efficient neither helpfull dear examiner !

Hi every one It’s me again.
I finally passed the exam at the free retake of my second exam; I just want to tell you this exam is easy but It’s really easy to get stuck too ! Everything to pass the exam is in the cours, really. You don’t need extra knowledge out of the cours and labs, You don’t need tricky attacks that doesn’t correlate with what you did in labs.
When you’re stuck just try to do the basics ( what you’ve seen in cours ), basics attacks, maybe in a little bit different way but stay stuck to the cours in order to not get lost, you can also google ewpt reviews/tips, it helped me to realize I already know everything required for the exam, and also visit the former elearnsecurity comunity forum, ewpt section.

Hope this little text will help someone in one way or another
Good Luck everybody and remember everything to pass the exam, knowledge, tools, dictionary are those seen in the cours.

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How do you get in the the former elearnsecurity comunity forum, ewpt section as you (@j.mwinkeu-40c41b6141 ) mentioned?

I’m curious to read what is discussed or mentioned in the past


Credentials are needed…

I’ve an account, but it says:

Sorry, there is a problem

This is the private forum of WAPT Students.

If you are not one of our students please consider enrolling here to access exclusive contents in this forum

I don’t know how I get access to this forum. I’ve a membership at ine/elearnsecurty and I bought the voucer for the exam… How do I get access then?

I think there’s no way to sign in anymore as it’s a very old and no longer maintained forum, It was used before elearnsecurity buys INE and Credentials for this forums was managed by Caendra… So if you really want to get access you have to contact the admin.


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Thanks… I’ll keep that in mind… Is it worthy to check and read older posts there?

It’s not really important to read those olds posts…