Exam Preparation Labs

When I go to my eJPT course materials there was 4 sections, one of them is Exam Preparation Labs.
Now the section it disappeared.
Anyone facing same problem?

I was looking for them too. Found them here: INE (at the bottom).

does not work on me? I think this section is now deleted?

It’s there for me. It’s called “Next Steps” and has 3 Black-box Penetration Test labs in it.

There was another one after Penetration Testing Basics. it also another 3 black boxes that requires you to download ovpn file

Hey @raRa-rasputinn-93617,

These practice labs have been temporarily removed from the Pentester Student learning path while we work finalize our solution for the intermittent hardware issues we’ve had with our VPN Lab Infrastructure. Once stability has been restored to that platform, these labs will be returned to the learning path. Please follow us on Twitter (@INE) or on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

We appreciate your trust in allowing us to help you through your training journey and look forward to you taking the eJPT exam soon!