Exam Results Waiting Time

Hi there. As this is the official channel for communicating with eLearn and INE staff, I would like to ask that the organization consider, as part of their continued acquisitions and improvements, that the 30 business day wait time be addressed. I think we all appreciate that the reports are assessed individually, by a person. This lends to legitimacy and an overall value to the exam process. A competing organization, Offensive Security, also does this. As a comparison, I received my passing results for the OSCP exam in a total of 3 days. My certification came in the mail in the time it has taken for me to receive results for the PTX exam I took.

I believe we all agree it’s great to see INE making acquisitions that will hopefully improve the student experience. It’s a shame to see that this one long-standing issue has never had the attention it deserves. It would truly be great to see investment in the grading team so that students aren’t waiting for what could, mathematically be, up to 6 full weeks for exam results.