Exam VPN not starting

So this is frustrating after spending good amount on buying an exam, I cannot start exam VPN. Does anyone having an issue?

I raised with support but it seems it will take 2-3 days which is not acceptable due to exam having 48 hours. Can anyone suggest me why elearn/ine having same lab issues and potential solution? Thanks.

It’s happening for me as well.
I have sent 2 tickets regarding the issue. I haven’t gotten any solution yet.

I got reply from the support saying that I need to create a new account and then they will provide me with voucher. They said “its a known issue” but did not mentioned about potential solution in upcoming future.

From now on I would be avoiding any certs from Elearn.

I got the same solution, and I was satisfied with it. However, it is frustrating to have this kind of issue. Hopefully, no one gets to face the same thing in the future.

Well I have to same issue even with the new account. Don’t know if they are fixing it or not.