Feedback / Question Regarding PTP (Offensive PowerShell) Course

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently started the PTP here on iNE after, a while ago, doing PTS on the old ELS platform.

Currently, going through the course, there are two things that are somewhat “frustrating” to me. Firstly, the iNE logo, which is superimposed over all videos, often blocks out commands. For example, I’m currently looking at the “Offensive PowerShell” course, and I have to constantly find a single frame on which I can see the full commands.

This is further complicated by the fact that the slides (largely) don’t allow for copy and paste. At least I haven’t figured it out yet! I get the “no more PDFs” policy, but the “new” format makes experimenting as well as note-taking just tremendously more tedious.

Has anyone found a good solution for that? I do realize that it’s ultimately just a usability thing and that I can easily just type everything up [1]. To me, it just feels as if the usability of the courses - as they are delivered right now - has significantly decreased after the switch to iNE, and I’m wondering if I’m just missing something! :slight_smile:

Aside from that, I’m REALLY enjoying the fact that I have access to all courses and materials. Overall, I really like the new approach, I just feel that the “old” courses have been transferred into the new systems without taking too much care about these details (e.g., blocked out text).


[1] I’m aware of the argument that it’s beneficial for retention to create notes from scratch. That said, especially as someone primarily working in education, I strongly believe in accessible material that allow as many people to learn in as many ways as possible.

yea the new slides suck. Just provide us a git repo link for the code I’m sick of typing it out and it adds nothing of value to the course.



In a similar fashion, the markdown in Lab 20 (PTP) is broken. The linebreaks are wrong and many of the images aren’t rendered - just the markdown.

See: INE

To be honest, it seems as if whoever moved the course to iNE (or who did the QC) didn’t care at all.

This is just a bit sad as the course itself is fantastic!

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