Finished Penetration Testing Student where to?


I’ve recently finished the Penetration Testing Student v2 path and I’m going to go for the eJPT certification. I would like to know if there are any other resources to train for the certification exam.

Like TryHackMe? Can you suggest TryHackMe rooms appropriate for the eJPT certification?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I signed up in TryHackMe website few days ago, but I didn’t have time yet to hack anything there (I’m finishing to study the PTS v2). Anyway, I hacked a bunch of machines in website and I think that it would be another resource you might try out. Also, you access the vulnerable machines in a very similar way you’ll have to for the exam (i.e. by openvpn), so the hacking process will happen from your own Kali/Parrot machine connected by VPN to the vulnerable ones.

BTW, good luck for the exam :sunglasses:

hello there
i am also studying from PTSv2 for ejptv2 exam
i wanted to know how much time you took to complete the study from start to end
and is there any way we can connect
i want to talk to you


There are few tricks you can use to speed up the learning/studying process. As soon as I’llve the chance I’ll post some hints (at the moment I’m outside and writing from my iPad).

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here we go with few hints. First, you have to consider that the learning process, for whatever matter is concerned, is something closely related to individuals and that a method good for me is not necessarily good for you. Anyway, I’m glad to share some thoughts about the course and what is working for me.

As first step, here are a couple of tools for Linux you may install to help you and that are not strictly related to PTS v2, but are helpful in general:

Tldr: have a look here to understand what tldr is and how to install it in Kali Linux

Navi: have a look here to understand what Navi is and how to install it in Linux

About the PTS v2 course: as you saw, it is a 144 hours course. If you split it in – let’s say - chunks of 4 hours per day, 5 days per week (human brains need rest to assimilate new matters at best, so a weekly break is advisable) you’ll need around 6 weeks to finish it. However, according the way the two instructors teach matters in the videos, you can squeeze such time for sure.

Josh Mason is a slow speaker (at least, for me) so I increased the video speed to 1.25% and enabled the subtitles to make sure I do not miss anything important.

Alexis Ahmed is very thoroughly and precise… sometimes, too much (again, for me). Therefore, when I saw he is talking about something that for me is obvious, I skip small parts of the videos, pressing the right arrow key. This can actually squeeze (quite a bit) the time spent on his lessons.

For me is also fundamental taking key notes about every lesson, so that I can review them later to memorize better the key concepts included inside the lessons. For this task, I use the software Cherrytree

It should be already installed in your Kali Linux VM, but I use it in Windows. It works like a charm and it is very useful to synthesize the lessons inside the course. In Windows 10, pressing the key combination Shift-WinKey-S, it’s easy capturing the slides included in the lessons and put them inside a Cherrytree node, together with your personal annotations, links, cheat-sheets and so on.

Well, it’s all for now, I hope it could help you in some way.


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Thanks a lot Sir for your time and super informative information here
i will be implementing the concepts you suggested here
Thanks again.

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