Following up after RedefINE, what are you most excited about?

We announced a lot of new work being done in Cybersecurity during the RedefINE event. Which one are you most excited about?

Everyhing from the new content updates to career paths and all the new certifications that INE will be launching soon.


I’ll be excited about specifics when it comes to the current cyber catalog being updated. A timeline on when to expect updates to each course in the catalog would have been great. This seems like a missed opportunity for setting out some specifics that many of us in the student community have been asking for for a very long time now.


I understand the frustration and will say this is a priority for us as well. We are mixing things up behind the scenes right now to improve content revamp timelines. I cant share much, but will say very soon this issue will be addressed.

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Most excited: Getting some updates to existing courses, and Cloud Pentesting course! I’m personally looking at hitting some of the Networking modules this year as well as I’ve always wanted to learn for the CCNA. Looking forward to the pathing as I think that is something alot of training providers are missing.

Disappointed: wish there was an announcement around new eLearnSecurity certs like a cloud pentester cert. And I was a bit confused when they said “it’s an INE cert”, does that mean related to eLearn or not? Confused by the marketing there.

Very excited about the career paths!
I have some questions about other updates, hope it’s OK to ask here.

Regarding all the certifications becoming INE certifications. Does that mean that the eLearnSecurity cert/s we hold will no longer be valid? Or will they be exchanged? (that one is not an original question of mine, but I saw it and wondered about it myself)

Regarding the addition of new Cybersecurity courses… any way to see what is in store in the catalog, having just something like “Coming soon!” added to it?

RedefINE was amazing and I want to say thank you to all the INE family for putting in hard work towards making a better platform for us! :slight_smile:

We were told by the CEO at a QA chat on Discord that these things would have been addressed at redefINE. Instead it seemed more like a corporate keynote. I think for those of us who talked with Richard direct at that QA it explains a bit of the disappointment.


I think the Career Paths and certifications are going to be a real game-changer for INE. Having said that, every announcement reinforced the notion that the best interest of students are what drive the decision making process in any changes INE makes and I really can’t wait to see what’s next!