From XSS to Domain Admin - PTP Lab

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to work on " From XSS to Domain Admin" Lab for the eCPPT exam. However, as often happen, when I try to use proxychains the time are very very slow. I sometimes have the problem of my meterpreter session die and so I have not the right result from command I launch with proxychains.

I’m working on this since two days. I implemented the proxychains, set the socks proxy and launched the autoroute Metasploit module. Moreover, I tried to launch the Metasploit portscan/tcp with the timeout set to 80 ms and I tried to launch PowerShell command from cmd shell on the first compromised machine. But nothing worked. This situation is very very frustrating.

Can anyone give me some advice to speed up the proxychained reconnoissance?

Thank you.
Kind regards,