Full Stack Analysis with Wireshark video doubt


In video Full Stack Analysis with Wireshark of PTS prerequisites, I have one doubt.
At time 3:03-3:10, I can hear like Presenter is saying and aren’t two different networks.
From my understanding If you are sending a packet to another host in same LAN, destination MAC address is
MAC address of host. From Packet number 5 it is certain that MAC address in destination is the router’s.
It is same MAC address used in so that means either is the router’s IP address or the IP is in different LAN,
then only destination MAC address should be the router’s right?.
But from the ARP request we can see that same MAC address is returned by not
So In that case it is the second one that is the IP is in different LAN.
But in the video I heard it like “aren’t two different network”.
Maybe what I understood can be wrong.
Attaching the snip from video

Hoping a fast reply from the community.

Thank you:)

Hi @jaa
Maybe you can share some insights

Check the subnet mask of the hosts, verify if it is in the same network or not.
Most probably they are not in the same network unless they have a /8 mask.