Help Needed -PTS- Penetration Testing Prerequisites - HTTPS Data Sniffing Lab

When following lab instructions, I downloaded the ovpn file into my downloads in my kali linux virtual machine.
I opened a terminal in the downloads directory and ran the command
sudo openvpn https-traffic-sniffing.ovpn
I receive a box for password for kali; so I ran the password through, but received this error:
Options Error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in https-traffic-sniffing.ovpn:1 None(2.5.1)
I’m new to using linux/virtual machine and my experience with open vpn’s is rudimentary at best, so apologies for asking for help with the first problem that arises.

Just to confirm: you did input both auth username and password, correct?

First prompt is the auth username (censored with a black box in the screenshot)
Second prompt is for the auth password (second field in the screenshot)


Do you mean the root password prompt?
If so, enter your root password - openvpn creates a new network interface which usually needs root permissions

with vpnusername and vpnpassword from the lab page (see X0RW3LL’s comment) try:

echo "<vpnusername>\n<vpnpassword>" > creds.login 
sudo openvpn --config your.ovpn --auth-user-pass creds.login 

The first password prompt is the password to your kali system not the Ovpn, when you input your kali OS password, then it asks for OVPN username and password which is provided