Help Please! (eJPT)

I am stumped on how to do the data exfiltration lab. Just wondering how to approach it if I have never done scripting, or used curl. I can’t find anywhere so far in the course where it mentions how to use these or preform any tasks. Any help is appreciated.

I am suprised on how little the course prepares you for the labs. I am completely new to this so this is all a bit overwhelming. Not sure how to even approach a lab without looking at the Solution.

your not the only one, i am stuck at…

In order to exfiltrate the archive, we need to run a HTTP server on Kali machine that can accept and save the archive file when it is sent over HTTP protocol.

Following code can be used for this:


Save this code in a file and name the file and run it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.