Help with OpenVPN


I can’t access the lab because I can’t download OpenVPN. I’ve read the user guide and seen the video but I’m still not getting it. I downloaded the newest version of Kali and it’s working. I’m working on the course inside of Kali and when I start the lab it doesn’t give me an option for logging into OpenVPN. The user guide states that “In most Linux distributions, OpenVPN is already installed”, I see an option on the top right in Kali to add a VPN connection but I can’t find info on how to do this. Any suggestions?

Some of the newer labs are using the new infrastructure and may not require OpenVPN any longer. What is the name of the lab you’re working on?

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the response! I’m stuck on my first lab, HTTP(s) Traffic Sniffing.

That one is actually using our new lab infrastructure, which no longer requires you to use your own machine and a VPN connection. Starting the lab should give you an option to open it, which will open a full Kali instance in your browser for you to use.

Do you all know where I can find the guide to using OpenVPN to start the labs? I’m going through the Introduction to Threat Hunting Course and downloaded the .ovpn file. When I open the OpenVPN Connect app and load the .ovpn file I receive the error, “Failed to import Profile.” Am I missing a step?

Is this on mobile? Asking because of the aspect ratio.

It’s not on mobile. It’s on a windows machine.

Hi BOlliff,
thats really bad news! Why can’t we use both, our own and the browser kali instance? I’d really like to do the exam preperation labs under exam conditions and use my own VM for this. I also often have connectivity and usability issues with the browser based instance. I understand that some user might like to have a simple browser based solution and don’t want to set up a Kali VM for this, but for someone who already has a VM and trains for the eJPT, this is a huge downgrade!