How exactly the CCNP Enterprise course works?

Hello everyone,

I’m studying the CCNP (350-401 ENCOR) course but I’m not so sure how this “CCNP Enterprise” course works.

I see that the course has 13 section/chapter in total. Each section/chapter contains a number of topics, however, the difficulty of each topic seems to vary between “Professional” and “Advanced”.
For example, the section/chapter " Network Infrastructure Features & Protocols (350-401 ENCOR)" contains “EIGRP” topic which is Advanced and the ZIP file within says CCIE.
I’m not sure I see “EIGRP” topic marked as “Professional”.

Are these “ADVANCED” topics which includes the CCIE ZIP files part of the CCNP course?!

Thanks in advance!

Still looking for an answer, please.