How exactly the CCNP Enterprise course works?

Hello everyone,

I’m studying the CCNP (350-401 ENCOR) course but I’m not so sure how this “CCNP Enterprise” course works.

I see that the course has 13 section/chapter in total. Each section/chapter contains a number of topics, however, the difficulty of each topic seems to vary between “Professional” and “Advanced”.
For example, the section/chapter " Network Infrastructure Features & Protocols (350-401 ENCOR)" contains “EIGRP” topic which is Advanced and the ZIP file within says CCIE.
I’m not sure I see “EIGRP” topic marked as “Professional”.

Are these “ADVANCED” topics which includes the CCIE ZIP files part of the CCNP course?!

Thanks in advance!

Still looking for an answer, please.

The same here. Can anyone from INE answer the very valid question? ENCOR course seems to be a mess here. Only course which covers most of the 350-401 blueprint is CCNP ENCOR Exam Review with Keith Bogart, but this is review, not actual course.
You guys have a large repository of trainings, would be really handy to have it organized a bit better.
I know Keith hosted 350-401 Boot-camp and recordings are scattered all over the place. Is it possible to gather them in one place? I can’t see this particular boot-camp in repository of boot-camps.
Thanks in advance for any reply.


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Hey Greg,

I should have posted the support’s response to the community earlier when receiving it but I obviously missed, my apologies.

Here’s the support’s response below.


I have confirmed with our internal teams that all courses and ZIP files within the CCNP Enterprise Learning Path, listed “Advanced,” “Professional,” etc. are appropriate for the Learning Path and have been intentionally included in the curation of that Learning Path.

For context, from our instructor, Keith Bogart:
The CCNP “ENCOR” exam is an exam that one must pass if they wish to obtain their CCNP Enterprise certification. Cisco also requires that one pass the CCNP “ENCOR” if they wish to sit for the CCIE Enterprise Lab exam (to get their CCIE Enterprise certification). So in that sense, courses/videos that one sees associated with the ENCOR exam can be thought of as both “Professional” as well as “Advanced” because they are appropriate for both CCNP as well as CCIE learners.

Additionally, if you have questions regarding specific content within a course, please feel free to directly reach out to the course Instructor, as most instructors list their contact information within the “Course Introduction” video at the beginning of each course. If you have difficulty locating an instructor’s contact information, please reach out to and we will further assist.

I understand that the response isn’t a 100% clear to be honest but I have personally decided to delve into ALL the videos including the ones marked “Advance”.

With that said, I believe reaching out to Keith may comes helpful as well.
Please keep us posted if you decided to reach out to Keith or the support.

Mostafa Fahmi