How to delete this account?

Well, i’m trying to find an option to delete this community account of mine. Since this is built on discourse platform, the admin has to enable the option to delete the user’s account by himself.
I was going though the FAQ section and i noticed that they haven’t edited/customized the default content to INE’s policy. No email address is mentioned.

How can i delete my account??
@moderators @Don

Also i don’t see an option to delete my learning account in INE Dashboard . Strange.
Anyone have any idea?

This is a serious issue that needs addressing as I was looking for this.
Please reply …

So i contacted the support and they have replied this strange thing.

You are unable to delete your account through your account due to account security concerns. I have gone ahead and forwarded your account deletion request to our Fulfillment Team. Please do not reply to this message to avoid regenerating account data.

They didn’t delete my account, instead they suspended it. I cannot even find a privacy policy document on their site.

Just WOW!
I am seeing more and more RED flegs appearing with INE in front of my eyes.
Having a delete feature is an essential feature and what next they refuse to close your account cause you have already logged.

Summary: INE disapppointing

From their Privacy statement:

a. How Long do we Keep Your Personal Data?

We may retain your Personal Data for a period of time consistent with the original purpose of the collection. When you place an order through the Site, we will maintain your order information for our records unless and until you ask us to delete this information. We determine the appropriate retention period for Personal Data based on the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the data. We also take into account the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of your Personal Data and whether we can achieve the purposes of the processing through other means.

After the expiration of the applicable retention periods, your Personal Data will be deleted. If, for technical reasons, there is any data we are unable to delete entirely from our systems, we will take appropriate measures to prevent any further use of such data.

GDPR, CCPA all allows right to delete or forgotten.
First of all, there should be an option to the customer to delete their account and data. And once the user submits the request, there must be a confirmation from the website on account/data deletion.
Here in this case, they haven’t mentioned an option anywhere regarding account deletion on their website. And the support haven’t confirmed the account deletion and instead, they say like Don’t mail us again or else we will have trouble to delete your account.

Isn’t this illegal? They store information like credit cards and they don’t give an option to the customer to delete their account?

Note: I made an email request to delete both community and INE account. See my community account is still active and the INE account has been suspended.

@admins @moderators Any option to delete this account?