How to downgrade Burp Suite to older version...?

Hi… How can I change my Burp to version 1.7.36… or other with Spider tab… new version of Burp does not have it.
Uninstalling new Burp completely is not helping because old version automatically updates itself to new version after installation.
What should I do to have older version of Burp…?
Thx Marcin

You have to download the version and install manually. See the link below.

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Hi… I installed on top my new Burp but for some reason it still a newer version. I tried even installed after removing whole Burp from Kali. Same thing. Newer version shows. Installed in new location. Same. New Burp. Is the new Burp blocking my older version to install…?

Check if this helps, Changing burpsuite versions on Kali Linux – NeverSecure

OK, let me look and try… thx