Hunting Responder VNC Credential Issue

Hi everyone , I can’t connect the UATSERVER Machine over VNC . I get “wrong password” for VNC . Who can help me?

If this still is an issue for you, please share the credentials used

Network Configuration

Organization: ELS-CHILD

  • You:
    • IP :
  • UATSERVER ( the server from where you will start your hunt ):
    • IP :
    • VNC Credentials : vnc@3L$-CHILDL0c@l
    • Domain Credentials : ELS-CHILD\Administrator | Admin@3L$-CHILDL0c@l*****
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This happened to me as well.

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This is quite odd. When I logged in using TightVNC Viewer to IP with the password vnc@3L$-CHILDL0c@l. It worked quite fine. I will try once more when the Lab Maintenance errors goes away and come back to you!

A few things I have come across on these labs:

  • Make sure you are entering the correct credentials on the password character 15 should be a 0 (zero) and character 18 should be an l (ell).

  • I I leave the lab environment running for an extended period of time it won’t let me log in. The only way to fix it is to reset the lab.

Let me know if either of these fixed your issue!

Blue Team Instructor

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