INE app - offline caching?

Hello everyone!
In 2020, the possibility of inserting the offline caching function of video courses on the official INE app was advocated.
Do you have any updates on this?
Such offline video caching function could be very useful for us commuters who often use public transport …
I hope I have posted in the correct section, await news, thanks!

uhm, you can just wget the videos?

No, I meant some sort of offline video caching, like the “Download” function on Netflix.

BTW, is there a way to download INE courses videos? Did you mean that?

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yes thats exactly what I was trying to express

And how do you download them? What’s the format, MP4?

I suggest youll try it with javascript from within your browser to automate things, but after openening a video the network tab of the browsers developer console will provide you the link to the mp4-file. You can just download that either from browser cache or just wget the link

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honestly preference would be within the app as like in netflix, @friedrich_o-93cd2df1 @raffaele.guizza-e42f i beleive that would be great,especially if one is using mobile phone.